Thursday, April 24, 2014

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I am not new to running. All my childhood I used to run, not only running from school to home, but generally to improve my stamina to play Badminton. Read more...


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TV Shows

  • Be fit With Bindi

    Bindi 3

    Be Fit with Bindi, is a Prime Television’s original series. Prime Television is producing this weekly series with the help of Bindi Mackourak,

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  • Desi Beasts

    desi beast 3

    Desi Beasts is a brand new concept which incorporates the idea of **desi** bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts come together under one banner

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  • Kabaddi in Canada

    kabaddi 3

    Kabaddi in Canada is original series, produced by Prime Television in Canada. This show is being hosted by Shambhu Bhroli, who is a very good kabaddi

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  • Team Punjabi

    team punjabi 3

    Team Punjabi is a sports based program, currently airing on television in Canada. It comes every Saturday at 11:30 AM PST on Shaw Multicultural